The Royal Society of Public Health is offering a free, two-speaker webinar, Water System Microbiological Control Methods,  on Wednesday, June 25 at 8 a.m. EST. The webinar is a special session featuring two eminent speakers in order to cover the large and important topic of water system microbiological control methods. Looking first at chemical control methods, Dr Janet Stout will cover the use of chlorine, chlorine dioxide, peracetic acid, sodium hydroxide and monochloramine in relevant environments including pools, dialysis, and birthing pools, as well as looking into the pros and the consequences of chemical control use, including cracking and brittle pipes. Elise Maynard will then cover the physical control methods, looking at point of entry filtration, UV lights, thermal, flushing, re-engineering and point of use filtration.

  • Water System Microbiological Chemical Control Methods by Dr.  Janet E. Stout, director of Special Pathogens Laboratory
  • Water System Microbiological Physical Control Methods by Elise Maynard, Vice-Chair Water Management Society.

Sponsored by Pall Medical, the event is chaired by Dr. Catherine Whapham of Global Marketing Manager for Healthcare Water.

Wednesday, June 25, 8 a.m. EST