Water Management

Water Safety and Management

No matter if you need a full-service solution or have a limited project, our team of experienced water management specialists work collaboratively with you. From water management to policy audits, we deliver evidence-based recommendations and services.

Water Infection Control Risk Assessment (WICRA)

Construction events can negatively impact water quality causing spikes in waterborne pathogens like Legionella. These events include excavation, water main breaks, water pressure changes, brown water events, construction materials, dormancy prior to occupancy, and ineffective disinfection during or after commissioning. Special Pathogens Laboratory added the W(ater) to ICRA to help secure patient safety and your reputation from the consequences of outbreaks. Get complete protection from construction-related risks. From minor renovations to major construction to outages, our 6-step process will ensure safer water in your building water system. Complement your ICRA with WICRA. Learn more! 

Environmental Risk Assessments

Are your occupants at risk? Find out! Invite our team to conduct an onsite evaluation of your facility water systems. We’ve been providing risk assessments to numerous hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, and industrial facilities across the nation for the past 25 years. We’d like to add your facility to the list of clients protected from outbreaks!

Water Safety and Management Plans

Water Safety and Management Plan

Water Safety and Management Plan

Get water management plan solutions to comply with ASHRAE 188 and state regulations for Legionella risk management in building water systems. From a full service plan development to DIY solutions, we provide the resources you need.

Our full-service water safety and management plan development includes onsite information gathering, customized procedures, evidence-based recommendations for ongoing control backed by Special Pathogens Laboratory, and active communication with our team to ensure your organization’s needs are met. If don’t need a comprehensive consulting services, and rather build your own plan, check out Special Pathogens Technology’s  LegiDoc and LegiMapper.

Plan and Policy Audits

Need a third-party review? Whether you developed your plan or hired someone else to do it for you, we review your existing document to ensure you are in compliance with ASHRAE 188 and other regulations. Our audits also ensure your plan is accurate and is being implemented as designed. Our audit services include onsite audits, review of your water safety and management plan documentation, and annual reviews required by ASHRAE 188.

Onsite Sampling and Sampling Plans

Don’t have time to sample? We can do it for you! Not only will we travel to your site to collect your samples, we’ll also give you a sampling plan so your team knows where water samples are collected and why!


Implementation Services

Congratulations, you’ve checked the box for your water safety and management plan! Now comes the challenge of implementation. Controlling risk for Legionella can be demanding. We give you the support to ensure your program is a success. Our services include: participation on your water management team, program oversight, onsite quarterly sampling, annual audits, and updating your water safety and management plans.


We provide onsite training and webinars for your water management team and your staff. Our topics include: Legionella 101, water safety and management plan implementation, sample collection, and more.

Onsite training


Protect your patients and staff from water-related infections caused by construction and renovation. Put w(ater) in your ICRA. Get our free WICRA Construction Permit form.


According to the CDC toolkit, 48% of Legionnaires’ disease outbreaks are caused by process failures, human error, faulty equipment, and changes in water quality.

It takes a team to prevent Legionnaires’ disease. Make us part of yours!