Outbreak Response

Legionella is the problem you don’t think you have until there’s an outbreak.

Special Pathogens Laboratory provides an integrated team of experts to conduct case investigations and manage all aspects of an outbreak. With proven experience in outbreak response, our team from microbiology, engineering, water treatment, infection prevention, communication, public health and medicine, provides the broad range of expertise required to address all aspects of an outbreak from re-mediation to liaising to health departments. No matter what types of services you need, we can assist you:


  • Outbreak response management
  • Coordinate emergency disinfection
  • Onsite sampling and risk assessment
  • Case investigation laboratory services
  • 24/7 services
  • Laboratory results interpretation
  • Liaison with health department
  • Staff and townhall meetings
  • Communication strategies; media and public relations
  • Recommendations for ongoing disinfection