Special Pathogens Laboratory launches water management plan generating software making it easier to write comprehensive plans that comply with ASHRAE 188 and CMS. No Legionella expertise is required. Just enter your data and LegiDoc does the rest!

Special Pathogens Laboratory, the nation’s leading Legionella testing and water management firm internationally recognized for Legionnaires’ disease prevention, is pleased to announce the release of LegiDoc.

Fast, easy to use, and affordable, this turbo tax like application takes the guess work out of creating plans to help building owners and managers mitigate risk from Legionella in water systems and cooling towers. Users enter data about their buildings, water systems, water management teams, and this data is incorporated into pre-written template. 80% of the template, written by Special Pathogens Laboratory, includes recommendations, corrective actions and resources.

Since, 2015 the ASHRAE standard for Legionella risk management has firmly taken hold. New York City and State legislation has incorporated water management plans into legislation and other states are soon to follow. CMS requires all healthcare and long-term care facilities to implement plans. What’s more the CDC promotes ASHRAE 188 plans as essential to controlling risk. Such requirements can be burdensome for many facilities that can’t afford to hire vendors to survey water systems and write water management plans.

Enter LegiDoc. LegiDoc is easy to use, affordable, doesn’t require Legionella or ASHRAE 188 expertise and is backed by Special Pathogens Laboratory. A web-based application, LegiDoc is offered in two versions that generate ASHRAE 188 and CMS compliant water management plans in PDF format.

LegiDoc Basic is ideal for small organizations and simple water systems. There is no editing so the plan defaults to Special Pathogens Laboratory’s recommendations. LegiDoc Pro is designed for large organizations, water treaters, and facility engineers that require content customization.

Both versions promote collaboration and can be integrated with LegiMapper, a web-based process flow diagram creator. Users can supplement with add-on services including plan reviews by The Legionella Experts® and personalized water management and engineering support.