Eighth International Conference on Legionella  

SPL presented two posters on monochloramine in October at the Eighth International Conference on Legionella in Australia.

  • Monochloramine Disinfection of a Hospital Water System for Preventing Hospital-Acquired Legionnaires’ Disease: Lessons Learned from a 1.5 Year Study presented more data of the first US field study of a monochloramine generating system in a hospital hot water system. The conclusions show monochloramine to be a promising disinfectant for Legionella.
  • Use of Pyrosequencing to Determine the Effects of Monochloramine Treatment on Legionella and Associated Bacterial Populations in a Hospital Hot Water System is the first US study to assess changes in Legionella and microbial flora due to chloramination in a hospital’s hot water system using next generation sequencing. This study shows a strong reduction in Legionella presence and a lack of many issues with chloramination found in municipal water supplies.