Register for ASSE 12080 Certification Training in 2023!

The International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) and Special Pathogens Laboratory (SPL), announce dates for  ASSE 12080 Legionella Water Safety and Management Specialist Certification Training for 2023. Registration is open for: January: 9-11, March: 6-8, May: 1-3, July 10-12, October 23-25. read more

Legionella Guidebook

Whether you’re studying for certification, are new to Legionella, or need a handy reference, Puzzled by Legionella? A Guide to Understanding Prevention, Detection, and Water Management is for you! read more

Puzzled by Legionella Legislation?

PUZZLED BY LEGIONELLA LEGISLATION? Wednesday, March 15 @ Noon EDT Learn about Legionella legislation across the country. This presentation will include legislation currently being considered in various states as well as past legislation that has been considered but not passed. The speaker will also discuss efforts IAPMO has made to encourage inclusion of various standards […] read more

Puzzled by New IAPMO/AWWA Guidance on Closing and Reopening Buildings?

PUZZLED BY NEW IAPMO/AWWA GUIDANCE ON CLOSING AND REOPENING BUILDINGS? Wednesday, February 1 @ Noon EDT As the world continues to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, there will be countless studies that will consider where proactive efforts could have reduced the health and safety and the economic related impacts that resulted. Indeed, as a society […] read more

Puzzled by Managing Legionella in Evaporative Cooling Water Systems in Industrial and Manufacturing Sites? December 7, 2022

PUZZLED BY MANAGING LEGIONELLA IN EVAPORATIVE COOLING WATER SYSTEMS IN INDUSTRIAL AND MANUFACTURING SITES? Wednesday, December 7 @ Noon EDT Do you have evaporative cooling water systems in your facility that cool process water? Do you provide water treatment chemicals and monitoring services for evaporative cooling water systems in industrial and manufacturing facilities? Do you […] read more

Puzzled by Legionella and CMS? November 9, 2022

PUZZLED BY LEGIONELLA AND CMS? Wednesday, November 9 @ Noon EDT In this webinar you will learn more about what CMS expectations for Medicare-certified healthcare facilities regarding water management programs. Review regulations, survey types, processes, deficiency statements, and expectations for correction. Understand the impact of improper water systems management, corrective actions, and enforcement. Identify the […] read more

Puzzled by Evaporative Air-Cooling Devices? October 26, 2022

PUZZLED BY EVAPORATIVE AIR-COOLING DEVICES? Wednesday, October 26 @ Noon EDT Evaporative air-cooling devices cool and humidify air by evaporating water into the air. For processes that use a large quantity of unrecirculated air, evaporative cooling is a simple, safe, and cost-effective method for cooling the air. The evaporative air coolers as well as cooling […] read more

Puzzled by Legionella and UV? October 12, 2022

PUZZLED BY LEGIONELLA AND UV? Wednesday, October 12 @ Noon EDT This webinar will discuss the inactivation of various clinical and environmental L. pneumophila serogroups using a UV-C LED collimated beam and a point-of-entry (POE), flow-through device. Results indicate that although UV-C LED disinfection is effective, variations in L. pneumophila inactivation, wavelengths, and technology applications […] read more

Puzzled by Why You Should Care about NTM? September 14, 2022

PUZZLED BY WHY YOU SHOULD CARE ABOUT NTM? Wednesday, September 14 @ Noon EDT Nontuberculous mycobacterium (NTM) could be the nextLegionella! Did you know that about 71.5 million waterborne illnesses occur annually? According to the CDC, most hospitalizations and deaths were caused by biofilm-associated pathogens (nontuberculous mycobacteria,Pseudomonas,Legionella) costing the US $2.39 billion annually. This webinar […] read more

Puzzled by Sphingomonas? June 22, 2022

This webinar will cover the model building or technical codes, such as the model plumbing and mechanical codes, and consensus industry standards and guidelines that, if followed, can help to control the growth of Legionella bacteria in building water systems and more. read more

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